Red Wines

Texas Tempranillo

Texas Tempranillo

This light-bodied red wine is extremely smooth with fruit-forward flavors of cherry, black cherry and a hint of vanilla or dark coffee. Tempranillo pairs very well with all kinds of food because it’s savory — lasagna, pizza, pasta dishes with tomato-based sauces, and Mexican food.

Sunset Rose

Texas Sunset RosÉ

Our old-world style (dry) Rose’ wine was created from our own Lenoir (Black Spanish) grapes through a special process of extracting the juice from the grapes known as Saignee or bleeding. Rosé wines made through bleeding are rich, fruity and have great freshness. Although this wine is wonderful by itself, it also compliments light meats, seafood, cheese, melon and pasta.

Cattle Guard

Cattle Guard Sweet Red (Tempranillo)

This is a heavenly sweet red wine with a medium, fruity flavor exhibiting hints of sweet cherry and plum. A great sippin’ wine that can be enjoyed slightly chilled and goes great with all kinds of foods, especially desserts and main dishes with a hint of sweetness.

Tempranillo Reserve

Tempranillo RESERVE (Dry – Oak Aged)

This medium-bodied, ruby red wine offers youthful grit and mature, integrated layers of bright fruit, toasty oak and spicy earthiness. Because of its savory nature, Tempranillo pairs very well with all kinds of food – lasagna, pizza, pasta dishes with tomato-based sauces, ad Mexican food.


Malbec – (Dry – Oak Aged)

This is a smooth, full-bodied red wine that offers fruit-forward black cherry flavors, with a hint of cocoa on the back of the tongue. The well-balanced acidity of this wine pairs well with dark meat poultry, lean red meat, and a variety of rich, soft or semi-firm cheeses.

Pura Vida

Country Gentleman

Port-style dessert wine; fortified with brandy; oak aged; 18% alcohol content.

Pura Vida

Chocolate Duck

Chocolate & Almond infused Ruby Cabernet. Dessert wine. Chocolate covered cherries or Red Velvet Cake flavors.

Pura Vida


Dry Red Wine; medium bodied; tart cherry fruit forward flavors; very smooth.

White Wines


Blanc Du Bois

Blanc du Bois (Dry)

This wine has a lightly dry finish and is clean and crisp on the palate. Aromas of fruit, flowers, and honey fill the glass, inviting you to enjoy what nature and our winemaker have crafted. It is a delightful companion with seafood, pasta with white sauces, chicken and different types of cheese.

Bland Du Bois Semi Sweet

Texas Sparkler

Off-dry sparkling Blanc du Bois. Prosecco Style!


Viognier (semi-sweet)

This beautifully balanced crisp white wine creates a unique tasting experience with bright crisp pear overtones and a velvety smooth vanilla and melon finish. This is a fabulous wine to enjoy with spicy foods, sushi, game meat, soft cheeses, and brie.

Friday Night Whites

Friday Night Whites
(Sweet White Blend)

This is a wonderfully sweet wine made from a blend of Blanc du Bois 64%, Orange Muscat 18% and Muscat Canelli 18%, exhibiting hints of grapefruit, pear, kiwi, mango, and tangerine and wonderful aromas of oleander blossoms and violets. This luscious wine is great for sippin’ on the patio and goes great with honey glazed ham or chicken with mango sauce.

Pura Vida

Pura Vida (Muscat Canelli)

This is a delightfully sweet Muscat Canelli wine easy on the palate and extremely hard to resist. It has hints of tangerine and honey dew melon and pleasant aromas of honeysuckle, clover and rose petals.This wine would hold up well against a moderately spicy chicken or fish dish but could also be paired with fresh pears or peaches for dessert. However, we think this wine is best enjoyed while sitting on the porch with good friends.

Pura Vida


Pura Vida


Lightly dry white wine. Unoaked, lemon & citrus flavors.

Pura Vida

Long Road Home

Semi-sweet Blanc du Bois white wine. Crisp, fruity & citric.